Security Fraud

Securities fraud has become a topical crime in the years after the American financial collapse. The details of how investments are managed and marketed has come under closer scrutiny. The law makers are quick to penalize an offender seeking to take advantage of misinformed investors.You require the wealth of experience that our Regina criminal law firm can offer when managing the complexities of a securities fraud defense.

Penalties For Securities Fraud In Saskatchewan

Section 380(2) of the Canadian Criminal Code identifies the offence of affecting public market as: one who, by deceit, falsehood or other fraudulent means, with intent to defraud, affects the public market price of stocks, shares, merchandise or anything that is offered for sale to the public is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 14-years.

Securities Fraud is Common in Saskatchewan

Typically, securities fraud charges are simply a miscommunication between an advisor and a client. This is one approach that our securities fraud lawyers at the Mericer Law Office in Regina will argue on your behalf. We know that you don’t want a criminal record because of a client whose investments performed poorly. You cannot be held responsible for the lacklustre economic conditions that are prevalent throughout the international finance sector.

Forms of Securities Fraud

As defined by the Canadian Securities Administrators, market manipulation, involves efforts to artificially increase or decrease a company’s share price. Examples of market manipulation include pump-and-dump schemes, high closing activities and volume manipulation.

Insider trading is allowed under most laws that allow individuals to lawfully trade in the securities of the corporations with which they are considered an insider. Unlawful insider trading occurs when privileged, non-public, material information is used to buy or sell a security.

You Need a Securities Fraud Lawyer

Fraud is contained within the Criminal Code of Canada. Any white collar crime will do permanent damage to your professional reputation. It is unlikely that any of your employers (or clients) will ever trust you again if you let these securities fraud charges stand uncontested. If you have been charged with committing securities fraud, we want to assist in your case and advocate for your rights. Contact the criminal lawyers at the Law Office of Regina Criminal Lawyers today.

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