Debit and Credit Card Data Theft

The ability to commit a criminal offence regarding credit and debit cards has become easier than ever with the technological advances we have witnessed. Online banking and email money transfers are connected to real, tangible assets and the online theft of personal assets is increasing. If you have been charged with data theft for either credit cards or debit accounts you need to understand how severe the penalties are for your criminal offence.

Penalties For Credit Card Data Theft In Saskatchewan

The Criminal Code of Canada accounts for theft, forgery, and related credit card crimes under section 342(1). For lessor offences you will be punished on summary conviction. However, every person who satisfy any of the situations below is guilty of an indictable offence; and is liable for imprisonment for a term up to 10-years:

  • Stealing a credit card.
  • Forging or falsifying a credit card.
  • Possessing, using or trafficking a credit card or a forged or falsified credit card.
  • Uses a credit card knowing that it has been revoked or cancelled.

These crimes carry significant criminal penalties because of the nature of the crime. Psychological, emotional, and financial harms are inflicted upon the victim of digital crimes such as debit and credit card data theft. Recognizing these impacts upon the victim, the courts have levied heavy penalties for those found guilty of debit/credit card data theft. You need to get a legal defense established immediately. The victim, their bank, and the police will be involved in the trial. You will want Regina Criminal Lawyers on your side.

Penalties For Credit Card Data Theft In Saskatchewan

The punishment for theft as directed under section 334 of the Criminal Code dictates that everyone who commits theft:

  • Is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term up to 10-years, where the value of what is stolen exceeds five thousand dollars; or
  • Is guilty of an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term up to 2-years, or an offence punishable on summary conviction, where the value of what is stolen does not exceed five thousand dollars.

Hire Our Debit, Credit Card Data Theft Lawyers

If you’ve been charged with a white collar crime including, credit card, or debit card theft, or or if you’ve been charged with identity theft or fraud, you must exercise your legal rights. Defending credit card data theft charges will not be easy without the help of a criminal defense lawyer. Contact the Law Office of Regina Criminal Lawyers immediately to get the defense you need.

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