Contractor Fraud

The personal relationships involved with any contract often taint the perception of the workmanship of the contractor. However, defending yourself against allegations of contractor fraud is vital to success of your business. At the Law Office of Regina Criminal Lawyers, we understand the importance of clearing your good name and proving your innocence and the quality of your products and services.

We can help prepare you for your fraud investigation. Our experience in the field of contract law will be an asset you can’t do without. You can’t afford to be spending additional time and money to accommodate a client that refuses to be satisfied. At the Mericer Law Office our contractor fraud lawyers will fight for your rights and your reputation.

What Causes Contractor Fraud?

In any industry where the client experience is subjective, and contingent on timelines, weather, material supply, and hired labour, you as a business owner are always at risk of malicious customers. You are not obligated to perform whatever additional tasks the customer demands of you. Protect you interests, hire a contractor fraud lawyer to step in and resolve the dispute in your favour.

Penalties for a Contractor Fraud Conviction

The unsavoury aspects of contractor fraud that we can help you avoid are not just limited to fines, fees, court costs, restitution, and possible loss of your business license. If the accusations are serious, we can help you avoid a prison sentence. Yet, even if you’re not convicted, your reputation can be tarnished simply by being investigated. Don’t let this investigation cost you more time and money than it already has.

Protecting Your Business

If you own your own business in Regina, or contract yourself out and have been implicated in accusations of contractor fraud — don’t hesitate — take the fight back to them. Defend yourself and your right to do business in Saskatchewan. Contact Regina Criminal Lawyers today.

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