Sexual Assault Charges

Have you been charged with sexual assault in Regina? Sexual assault defense is a complicated and delicate proceeding and you’ll want to have a sophisticated sexual assault lawyer handling your case. The Law Office of Regina Criminal Lawyers has experience dealing with these sensitive situations and we want to help guide you through the process to clearing your name. Typically these charges arise from miscommunication and over consumption of alcohol or narcotics. We understand that you may not have had control over your mental faculties at the time, and our criminal lawyers will argue in your defense to the best of our abilities.

Penalties for Sexual Assault

The Criminal Code provides explicit penalties for sexual assault under section 271(a) regarding sexual assault. Everyone who commits a sexual guilty of an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment up to 10-years. However, if the complainant (plaintiff, or victim) is under the age of 16 years, a minimum imprisonment of 1-year will be automatically prescribed as punishment.

Will You Require a Sexual Assault Lawyer?

If you have been accused or charged with sexual assault then you will absolutely need to retain a sexual assault lawyer. Claiming innocence on your word alone is not going to stand up in court. You need to get a criminal defense lawyer with experience with the areas of the Criminal Code that pertain to sexual assault to build a case for your defense.

Worse, if you have accusations against you of molesting a child or sexually assaulting a minor, these allegations can haunt you for years to come. Retaining an experienced, dedicated lawyer is imperative to protecting your freedom, rights, and reputation.

Contact Our Sexual Assault Lawyers in Regina

If you feel you have been falsely accused of a sexual assault or a sex offence involving a minor, you need to contact the sexual assault lawyers at the Law Office of Regina Criminal Lawyers immediately to protect you in this vulnerable time. Contact us today.

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