Illegal Weapons Charges

The Canadian Criminal Code carries penalties for weapons offence violations. Charges may include: carrying a concealed weapon, possession of prohibited or restricted weapons, weapons trafficking, possession for purpose of trafficking weapons, and misuse of dangerous weapons. The assault lawyers at the Law Office of Regina Criminal Lawyers have the proven track record to protect you from charges stemming from the use of an illegal weapon in Saskatchewan.

Are You Transporting Firearms into Canada?

Canadian law enforcement strictly controls the movement of firearms and ammunition across the international border. It is required that all firearms be declared and presented to law enforcement agents when importing them into Canada. Failure to accurately and honestly disclose any firearms you are bringing into Canada can result in a criminal weapons charge for illegally transporting firearms into Canada.

Canadian weapons laws are explicit, and quite apart from the U.S law. Section 95(1) of the Criminal Code outlines, everyone in possession of a loaded prohibited or restricted firearm and/or readily accessible ammunition is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 10-years.

Penalties For Illegal Weapons Charges

The minimum imprisonment escalates incrementally per offence:

  • First offence — 3-years,
  • Second offence (or greater) — 5-years; or
  • For a summary conviction — imprisonment for a term not exceeding 1-year.

Contact our Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you are facing weapons related charges, inclusive of concealed weapons charges, illegal firearm charges, or use of an illegal weapon: you will need to immediately contact our experienced Canadian criminal defense lawyer. If you are from the U.S the criminal defense lawyer at the Law Office of Regina Criminal Lawyers will be able to protect your rights. Although anyone with a criminal weapons charge needs to contact us as soon as possible to allow us time to review the facts and protect your interests.

The possession of illegal, or concealed firearms in Canada can lead to significant minimum jail sentences, with higher penalties for serious offences. Under the circumstances you will need our experience to negotiate a favorable result. Contact our Regina criminal law office today and take the first step back on your road to freedom.

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