Assaulting a Peace Officer

Assaulting a peace officer (police, RCMP, Sheriff, etc) is never a course of action you want to resort to, for a number of reasons. Every province treats this offence very seriously and it is accounted for specifically under the Criminal Code of Canada. If you have assaulted a peace officer you need to contact our criminal defense lawyers in Regina immediately because the prosecution is not going to rest on your case.

Penalties For Assaulting a Peace Officer

Assaulting a peace officer is covered under s270(1) of the Criminal Code. Everyone commits an offence who:

  • Assaults a public officer or peace officer engaged in the execution of his duty or a person acting in aid of such an officer;
  • Assaults a person with intent to resist or prevent the lawful arrest or detention of himself or another person; or
  • Assaults a person, who is engaged in the lawful execution of a process against lands or goods or in making a lawful distress or seizure, or with intent to rescue anything taken under lawful process, distress or seizure.

The penalty for assaulting a peace officer (or any related charge) is imprisonment for up to five-years.

Will You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

In all certainty, yes, you will. Peace officers are required to perform certain actions in the course of their duty to protect the public that can incite strong reactions from those individuals involved. For this reason, the laws surrounding the act of assaulting a peace officer are well established and keenly enforced. You will need a criminal defense lawyer to stand up for you in court against the Crown Prosecutor, and the Peace Officer you assaulted, who will now be acting as the witness for the prosecution.

Contact Our Criminal Lawyers in Regina

It is paramount that you retain the legal expertise of the criminal lawyers at the Law Office of Regina Criminal Lawyers. This is not a fight you want to face alone. It is possible that a valid argument is available, and may include self-defense or the breaching of your rights protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Let us protect you, contact Regina Criminal Lawyers today.

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