Assault Causing Bodily Harm

The Criminal Code of Canada provides for assault causing bodily harm most broadly under s752(b)(v) that first defines “serious personal injury offence” as an indictable offence, other than high treason, treason, first degree murder or second degree murder, involving the use or attempted use of violence against another person, or conduct endangering or likely to endanger the life or safety of another person or inflicting or likely to inflict severe psychological damage on another person, and for which the offender may be sentenced to imprisonment for ten years or more. The important line to note is the sentence of ten-years (or more) for committing a serious personal injury: such as the penalty for assault in Canada.

It is possible that you can receive a reduced sentence if you can successfully argue you acted in self-defense. These arguments are best delivered by a self-defense lawyer, and at the Law Office of Regina Criminal Lawyers we have the expertise to advocate for you.

It is critical to build a strong defense. The sooner you retain an assault defense lawyer that can formulate sound strategies to organize as much evidence in your defense as is available, the better. Our layers will effectively use witness testimony in conjunction with cross-examination, to dispute the prosecution’s case against you. Our criminal assault lawyers can defend clients charged with violent crimes, including: domestic violence charges, domestic assault charges, murder charges, uttering threats, robbery charges, and disorderly conduct charges.

How to Avoid a Criminal Record?

In Saskatchewan, if you’ve been charged with domestic assault, your charges fall under the same criminal code as: assault, aggravated assault, or assault causing bodily harm. If these charges have been laid against you, do not hesitate to contact our assault lawyers, or our self-defense lawyers today.

Protect Your Right to Self-Defense

Minor incidents can escalate into violence, especially for anyone employed in the security services (doorman, guard, bouncer, etc). Regardless of the circumstances, the self-defense argument is complex, and you will now need a knowledgeable legal counsel to defend yourself during the trial.

You Still Have Rights, Call Us Today

If convicted of a violent crime your life will never again be the same. It is likely that the relationship with your employer, spouse, and family will all be drastically altered. You need to fight these charges: contact Regina Criminal Lawyers today.

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