Violent Offences

If you or someone you know has committed a violent crime such as assault, battery, aggravated assault, assault with a weapon, (even in self-defense), then you need to contact a criminal defense lawyer.

The self-defense argument is a layered argument that can be successfully presented in simple assault-and-battery cases. Our criminal defense lawyer. are intent on defending criminal assault and aggravated assault cases. The Law Office of Regina Criminal Lawyers has a successful record of defending clients charged with weapons charges, and the full range of assault-and-battery charges.

At the Law Office of Regina Criminal Lawyers our criminal defense lawyer. have the ability present evidence to support your case. Our legal team can call upon witnesses during cross-examination and challenge the testimony against you, and when applicable, call into question the police investigation and the Crown Prosecutors evidence.

How to Prevent a Criminal Record?

If necessary, you can prevent a criminal record by retaining a knowledgable criminal lawyer to start building you case before the trial date. We can have an extension granted to provide more time to prepare. You are going to need help to clear your name and prevent this assault charge from being permanently attached to you criminal record.

Are You Facing Aggravated Assault Charges in Regina?

It is extremely important that you have us prepare your aggravated assault defense before the trial date to ensure we have all the necessary information. Aggravated assault charges can be mitigated, but you will require a criminal defense lawyer.

Contact Our Criminal Defense Lawyers Today

Once you have been convicted on weapons charges, or any violent crime, your life will be permanently impacted. Your occupation may be put at risk and you will have difficulty crossing any international border. A conviction will also decrease you options in child custody cases, which may arise if your partner leaves you following your conviction. It may still be possible to avoid the events associated with assault and battery charges, contact Regina Criminal Lawyers.

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