Saskatchewan’s Interlock Ignition Program

If you’ve lost your driver’s license for a drinking and driving related offence you may be eligible for early reinstatement of driving privileges under the Ignition Interlock Program in Saskatchewan. But you will need a DUI lawyer. The ignition interlock is an alcohol testing device connected to the ignition and power systems of a vehicle. It prevents the vehicle from being started if you’ve been drinking. The drunk driving defense team at the Law Office of Regina Criminal Lawyers can get your license back.

Who is Eligible for Saskatchewan’s interlock program?

With the assistance of our impaired driving lawyers, you can qualify for the ignition interlock program and the associated device installation if you meet the following criteria:

  • You were convicted for impaired driving, driving while over .08 or refusing a demand for a breath test (sections 253 and 254 of the Criminal Code).
  • You’ve completed the mandatory addiction screening and recovery or education program.
  • You’ve served the court-ordered or provincial requirement period before an interlock can be installed, whichever is greater.

Also note, that generally all first-time offenders are eligible unless a judge declares them to be ineligible (based on the severity of their first DUI offence).

How Long Must I Wait To Have the Interlock Installed?

Court-ordered requirement periods vary, but the Saskatchewan provincial requirement period before an interlock device can be installed (within a 5-year period) is as follows:

  • First offence — 3-months
  • Second offence — 6-months
  • Third offence (or greater) — 12-months

What are the mandatory costs of the interlock program?

The fees associated with the Ignition Interlock Program are outlined below:

  • $150 (plus GST and PST) for installation, which includes training on the device.
  • $3.45 (plus GST and PST) monitoring fee per day.
  • $50 (plus GST and PST) removal fee at the end of the program.
  • $210 (plus GST and PST) early removal fee (removal by choice or by administrator’s decision).
  • $30 1-time administration fee during current term.
  • Payment is due in advance of servicing. Additional fees may be assessed depending on your service requirements. For a complete schedule of fees, contact Guardian Interlock Systems at 1-800-769-3312.

How Long Must I Have the Interlock Installed?

Once the ignition interlock device has been installed, it must remain in the vehicle for the minimum ignition interlock period:

  • First offence — 1-year
  • Second offence — 2-years
  • Third (or subsequent offences) — 3-years

You should also be aware that if the device is removed before the ignition interlock period is completed, your special restricted driver’s license will be revoked.

Can You Appeal the Ignition Interlock Program?

Yes. But you will need our help.The impaired driving lawyers at the Law Office of Regina Criminal Lawyers are able to act as your legal counsel and help guide you through the appeal process to have the ignition interlock device removed earlier, or reinstated if the program was wrongly terminated. Contact Regina Criminal Lawyers today.

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