Motorcycle DUI

If you have been charged with impaired driving on a motorcycle, you need to be aware of the penalties you are now facing. The DUI laws for operating a motorcycle while under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs are identical as someone operating a car or truck. You can be arrested and charged for failing a breathalyzer test and will require a impaired driving lawyer to mitigate the penalties applied against you.

Understandably, drunk driving on a motorbike is more dangerous than operating an automobile. The laws are in place to ensure this type of needless risk is prevented. As such, the Crown Prosecutor may seek to impose more severe penalties for operating a motorcycle than what would be prescribed for blowing over 0.04 or 0.08 BAC for a similar automobile offence.

Being charged with a DUI while riding a motorbike in Regina is a major offence. The drunk driving defense lawyers at the Law Office of Regina Criminal Lawyers have experience defending cases just like yours and are here to help you fight these charges.

Reasons Why You May Be Suspected of a DUI on a Motorcycle

You can be pulled over by an officer for engaging in irregular or sporadic behaviour. This form of behaviour has become associated with impaired driving and may lead to a DUI charge and potentially an additional fine for stunting. Actions such as: excessive speeding, unsafe lane changes, spinning your wheels or peeling out, showboating, wheelies, improper signaling, swerving, or any motorcycle helmet law violation can result in being pulled over and charged.

Our Impaired Driving Lawyers in Regina Can Help You

The sooner you retain one of the drunk driving lawyers on our DUI defense team in Regina, the better we will be able to help you build a drunk driving defense. We will ensure your rights are protected, and that the facts surrounding your arrest are valid. Contact the Law Office of Regina Criminal Lawyers today.

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