License Suspensions For DUI

All drivers need to be aware that a charge for impaired driving can be applied even if you blow below 0.08 BAC. Your license can be suspended for .04 BAC. If you have been subjected to a breathalyzer and were tested with a blood alcohol content sufficient to result in a charge. You can challenge it with the help of the drunk driving lawyers at the Law Office of Regina Criminal Lawyers. Your driver’s license may be suspended or cancelled if you’re stopped by law enforcement for impaired driving. The length and terms of the suspension will vary depending on what type of suspension you receive.

License Suspension For 0.04 BAC

If stopped by a police officer who suspects you have been drinking, your license will immediately be suspended for 24-hours if:

  • You register a blood alcohol content of greater than 0.04 BAC.
  • You refuse to give a breath sample

If caught driving again with a BAC over .04, the consequences accumulate:

  • First offence: 24-hour license suspension
  • Second offence: 24-hour license suspension and a mandatory Driving Without Impairment (DWI) class.
  • Third offence or greater: 90-day license suspension and mandatory addiction screening.

The minimum court fines begin at $1,500 for impaired drivers, which includes a $500 penalty under the Safe Driver Recognition program. However, it is important to note that the fines have no maximum and are up to the judge’s discretion. Additionally, impaired drivers will lose many of the benefits of insurance. If an impaired driver is at fault in an accident, they must pay for all damages in full. They also face a minimum fine of $600 with no maximum. Impaired drivers can also expect their insurance premiums to rise.

License Suspension For 0.08 BAC

Saskatchewan judges are required to impose mandatory court-ordered prohibition if you’re convicted for registering 0.08 (BAC) on an impaired driving charge or for failure to comply with a demand. You can expect imprisonment for a term of:

First offence

  • Minimum 1-year
  • Maximum 3-years

Second offence

  • Minimum 2-years
  • Maximum 5-years

Third offence

  • Minimum 3-years
  • 3 years (or greater)

Additionally, expect a prolonged license suspension until the criminal charge is cleared or otherwise addressed. The court process can be arduous and it will very likely take a longer time to restore your license than you might expect. It is not uncommon to wait for up to a year just for a court date, it is only at this point in the trial will the additional penalties and restrictions be applied.

Let Us Prepare Your Drunk Driving Defense

Receiving a license suspension for impaired driving is an uncomfortable situation that stresses even your closest relationships. You don’t want to rely on your friends to drive you around while you wait out your suspension. Contact the impaired driving lawyers at the Law Office of Regina Criminal Lawyers today to take back your license and your life.

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