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As reported on by the Canadian Press, “Saskatchewan is bringing in a zero drug and alcohol tolerance policy for drivers under 19 and for all drivers in the graduated licensing program.” These new changes will drastically impact the leniency available to any officer administering the breathalyzer to a juvenile impaired driver. “Young or new drivers with alcohol in their systems will have their cars seized at the roadside. The same will happen with any drivers having a blood alcohol content between .08 and .15 or with those who refuse a test.” The importance of these changes must be clearly understood, if you are an underage driver and you were charged with impaired driving, you need to contact the impaired driving lawyers at the Law Office of Regina Criminal Lawyers immediately.

Underage DUI Charges

The standard consequences for impaired driving in Saskatchewan will be elevated if you are a minor charged with under age drinking. You will receive a minimum $1,000 court fine (with no maximum) and a minimum $500 penalty under the Safe Driver Recognition Program (SDR). You will also move to -20 on the SDR scale and lose your vehicle registration discount.

Furthermore, you will receive a 1 to 5 year driving suspension, which means you cannot drive any motorized vehicle in Canada. You may also face jail time. Although you will certainly have a criminal record that can prevent you from traveling outside of Canada.

In order to have you license reinstated, you’ll have to pay $150 for the Driving Without Impairment education program.

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